The Importance of Taking Time to Pause

Can you honestly say you take a daily pause break? If you aren’t taking the time to pause, it could be contributing to an increase in your stress levels.


As women, we typically ensure that the needs of everyone else in our lives- spouses, children, extended family and friends- are handled. And, we put our needs on the back-burner.

According to the APA (American Psychological Association), there is a higher incidence of stress in women than men. Twenty-eight percent of women, versus twenty percent of men, in the study reported having a great deal of stress. I also attribute women having higher stress levels to the fact that most women are innate caregivers. We often place our own time of refreshing on hold telling ourselves, “I’ll do that tomorrow when I have time”. Sadly, time rarely ever comes. So, we tend to get stuck in a holding pattern– sometimes for years. Fortunately, there are things we can do to break this non-nourishing cycle.

Pausing to reflect is vital to our well-being.

Take time to focus on the positive things occurring all around you and just observe the negative things. Reflecting on positive things signals to the brain to relax muscles in the body, causing you to shift into a more relaxed and happy state of being.

While reflecting on positive thoughts negative thoughts will surely intrude. When this happens, quickly observe the negative thought. Notice how the thought makes you feel (mentally, physically and emotionally). Then, choose to refocus and replace the thought with a positive, truthful one.

If you’ve never taken the time to pause, or rarely do, I suggest you consider implementing daily “pause” time. Allowing yourself to pause regularly, even briefly, will make a huge difference in how you approach the rest of your day. Pausing helps reduce stress levels, increases relaxation and multiplies positive thoughts, and is a great mode of self-care, especially while caring for others.

So, Pause.

About the author

Toren N. Turner, M.A., LPC, is a Vision Coach, Art Therapist and Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) with over fifteen years of experience in the field of mental health and wellness. She is an artist, illustrator, author, mom and entrepreneur who has a passion for empowering people.

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