About InVision Beyond

Our Mission

From imagination to manifestation, InVision Beyond helps people “invision beyond”, so they can envision a life they love living!

InVision Beyond's Committment

InVision Beyond is committed to helping individuals and groups PAUSE to reflect, EXPLORE past and present options, RE-DISCOVER goals and dreams, and RESET personal or corporate vision. Our tested formula has resulted in our clients redefining their vision and identifying their true goals.

What Sets InVision Beyond Apart?

One way we help our clients identify their true vision is through the creation and use of vision boards. Creating a safe space is an integral part of our methodology. A purposeful process and supportive environment is conducive to the flow of the “invisioning experience”. Guided journaling and other essential activities allow participants to focus on, explore, and re-discover goals and dreams. Engaging in these steps initiates the shift into the creative process, resulting in the creation of a tapestry of unique personal or corporate vision.

Our Value

Creating and using vision boards is not a new idea. In fact, the concept has been growing in popularity. A quick Google search can, undoubtedly, easily unearth instructions to simply “do it yourself”. However, InVision Beyond’s process goes far beyond the mere production of a “wish” board.

All participants are professionally supported and systematically guided on a beneath-the-surface journey of self discovery. This usually results in surprising fresh perspectives, rekindled dreams, new hope, and a restoration of direction and personal joy for our clients.


Our Founder

Toren N. Turner, M.A., LPC, is a Vision Coach, Art Therapist and Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) with over fifteen years of experience in the field of mental health and wellness. She is an artist, illustrator, author, mom and entrepreneur who has a passion for empowering people.

From completing her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees on-campus, with her young daughter in tow, to navigating the financial disruption of organizational layoffs as a single parent, to taking the leap into home ownership and entrepreneurship, Toren understands life’s practical, relational and emotional challenges.  She has personally felt the frustration of having goals and dreams derailed, or delayed, because “life happens”. More importantly, she has used this very same process, with great success, in every area of her life. And, so can you!

Formulated combining knowledge gained from personal experience and acquired from clinical practice, Toren’s unique vision board process encourages individuals, families, students and employees to go inward and “InVision Beyond” their current circumstances to envision a life they love. Toren’s passion is helping others recognize their potential, accomplish their goals and live their dreams. 

Ready for an inner journey that yields outer results?

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